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Tommy Flanagan
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Tommy Flanagan

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Download Movie The Wave Year 2019 - موج
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The Wave ( 2019 )

Quality : BluRay 1080p with subtitle

6.1 of 10Avg rate by 2,724 users on

Metacritic: 51/100
Users score: 8 of 10
Online stream with subtitle

An insurance lawyer goes out on the town to celebrate an upcoming promotion with his co-worker, Jeff. But their night takes a turns bizarre when Frank is dosed with a hallucinogen that completely alters his perception of the world

Director:    Gille Klabin

Country:   USA

Starring:    Justin Long, Tommy Flanagan, Katia Winter

Download Persian Dubbed Movie The Rising Hawk Year 2019 - هبوط شاهین
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The Rising Hawk ( 2019 )

Quality : WEBRip 1080p with subtitle

6 of 10Avg rate by 1,749 users on

Metacritic: -/100
Users score: 7.2 of 10
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The Mongol Empire had grown to the largest the world had ever known. It's armies now laid siege to much of Eastern Europe. A small village fights for freedom in the frontier landscape of the Carpathian Mountains.

Director:    Akhtem Seitablaev, John Wynn

Country:   USA, Ukraine

Starring:    Tommy Flanagan, Robert Patrick, Alison Doody

Download Persian Dubbed Movie Papillon Year 2017 - پاپیلون
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Papillon ( 2017 )

Quality : BluRay 1080p with subtitle

7.2 of 10Avg rate by 41,497 users on

Metacritic: 51/100
Users score: 0 of 10
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Wrongfully convicted for murder, Henri Charriere forms an unlikely relationship with fellow inmate and quirky convicted counterfeiter Louis Dega, in an attempt to escape from the notorious penal colony on Devil's Island.

Director:    Michael Noer

Country:   USA, Spain, Czech Republic

Starring:    Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek, Tommy Flanagan

Download Persian Dubbed Movie Face/Off Year 1997
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Face/Off ( 1997 )

Quality : BluRay 1080p

7.3 of 10Avg rate by 334,740 users on

Metacritic: 82/100
Users score: 9 of 10
Online stream

In order to foil an extortion plot, an FBI agent undergoes a facial transplant surgery and assumes the identity and physical appearance of a terrorist, but the plan turns from bad to worse when the same terrorist impersonates the FBI agent.

Director:    John Woo

Country:   USA

Starring:    John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen